1. Always tap rackets / high five / shake hands and thank your opponent / partner for the game at the end of each game/match.
  2. Do you best to learn the laws of the game and play accordingly.
  3. Be honest with your line calls. Never ask others on the side of the court – it’s your decision.
  4. Don’t lie on the floor between points or games – it’s dusty and dirty down there!
  5. If you or your playing partner or opponent hurt themselves, inform the coach straight away.
  6. When the whistle blows of the coach calls stop, you should stop what you are doing to see what the coach wants – it may be a call to gather in for the next teaching points, or it may an emergency such as a fire, etc. Come to the coach promptly.
  7. If you need to leave the sports hall for any reason, ask the coach first.
  8. Badminton is a beautiful and very sociable game that requires skill, fitness, teamwork and agility. Play your part in creating a positive atmosphere within your club so the benefits of badminton can be enjoyed to the full by all club members.
  9. Take care not to walk across a court when a game is being played. Wait for a pause in the game when the shuttle is not in play to avoid disruption of the game or getting hit by a racket!
  10. Watch out for shuttlecocks lying on court and place them outside of the court so you don’t trip over and to avoid twisting your ankle!
  11. Listen to the coach when the coach is talking.
  12. Don’t talk when the coach is talking or when another player is asking a question.
  13. Use different methods to learn – those offered by the coaches, and your own.
  14. Be kind and supportive to each other.
  15. Play safely.
  16. Concentrate and try your hardest.
  17. Always thank the coaches at the end of the session.

Note to parents

  1. Please ensure your child arrives promptly so all the players can warm up together.
  2. In terms of safeguarding, children are your responsibility until they enter the sports hall, at which point they become the responsibility of the coaches until they leave the hall at the end of the session. Please ensure you arrive on time to collect them.
  3. Please make sure that your child knows where to meet you at the end of sessions, and who is picking them up. If you want them to come out to meet you in the car park please be aware that this is at your own risk and the responsibility for your child once they are outside the sports hall itself is yours.


The Club Welfare Officer is William Jackson. If you have any questions or concerns regarding safeguarding, please contact her at safeguarding@chewvalleybadmintonclub.org.uk.