I will have fun, act in a safe manner and encourage those around me to do the same

I will always respect those around me including team-mates, opponents, coaches and officials

I will be honest and play fairly in everything I do and never deliberately cheat or be dishonest

I will accept officials’ decisions without question or complaint

I will arrive for training and competition on time and will inform someone if I am unable to attend or will be late

I will listen carefully when spoken to and act as directed where appropriate

I will use the correct equipment for the sport and will look after it to the best of my ability

I will never upset those around me or keep quiet if someone else is being upset

I will congratulate all participants on their performance regardless of the game’s outcome

I will give my opponents a hand if they need it and accept apologies from them when they are offered

I will always do my best and give 100% effort in whatever I do

As a young person taking part in sporting activities I recognise that I am an ambassador for my sport and others taking part in sport

We are committed to your enjoyment when you are playing badminton. If anything or anyone worries or upsets you then you should tell someone about it so that they can help you.

To find out more people who can help go to www.badmintonengland.co.uk/play/ways-to-play/clubs/safeguarding


The Club Welfare Officer is William Jackson. If you have any questions or concerns regarding safeguarding, please contact her at safeguarding@chewvalleybadmintonclub.org.uk.